Our Activities

How Has the KSJ Worked so Far?

1. [Annual Conference ]

The KSJ holds an annual conference around early December. So far it has been held eight times at universities in Japan.

2. [Membership] 

The KSJ counts about 200 members.

3. [Other activities]

3.1 [Regional Group Activities] 

       At present, the KSJ has three regional groups.

       Kanto Group [Tokyo area]

       Kansai Group [Osaka & Kyoto area]

       Tohoku Group [Sendai & Yamagata area]

  Each group holds one seminar a year.

3.2 [Symposium/Session]

The KSJ holds two symposiums/sessions a year - basically, one in Tokyo, the other in another area. So far 14 have been held, inviting specialists in several related spheres.

3.3 [Working Papers]

So far 6 papers have been published in either Japanese or English.

3.4 [Books] The KSJ has so far published two books in Japanese.

4. [Invited Special Guests]

The KSJ has to date invited a number of distinguished Japanese professors to its annual conference as special guests, including, among others, Profs. Takashi Negishi, Masao Fukuoka, Mitsuharu Ito, Yuichi Shionoya and Koichi Hamada.

5. The KSJ has from the outset enjoyed the support of the "Foreign Advisory Board", represented by (in alphabetical order):

Roger E. Backhouse, Professor, University of Birmingham,                     Birmingham, UK

Bradley W. Bateman, Professor, Randolph College, Virginia,                 U.S.A.

Anna M. Carabelli, Professor, University of Eastern Piedmont,             Novara, Italy

Robert Dimand, Professor, Brock University, Ontario, Canada

Jan Kregel, Senior Scholar and Program Director, Levy Economics       Institute of Bard College, New York, U.S.A.

Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Professor, University of Rome, La                   Sapienza, Rome, Italy

Roderick O'Donnell, Professor, University of Technology Sydney,       Sydney, Australia

Sunanda Sen, Professor, Jawaharlar Nehru University, New Delhi,      India

6. [E-Journal]

And now the KSJ is bringing out The Review of Keynesian Studies on an annual basis.

7. The KSJ operates https://ejournal.webnode.com/

 [English Site]

as well as  https://keynes-society.blog.ss-blog.jp/

  [Japanese Site]

Bouquet, 12 Pike St, New York, NY 10002, (541) 754-3010
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